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Introduction to iDream   Ice-Cream   iScream -
a playful thriller in verse

Shhh… Can you hear it?
There’s a rustling in the undergrowth.

Can you see it now?
Somehow familiar yet… it’s long and sinuous and menacing.
Strange… it looks like a poem… but it’s alive – it bites.

Enjoy the whimsy while you can. Innocence doesn’t last.

Meet a few of the cast:

      Scarface - a gangster who knits scarves
      Marsha - a marshal partial to martial arts
      Weeny Todd the Barber - let’s just say he has an edge

      A couple of dogs :
                Jack (the Ripper) - a bitter splitter of hares
                Hooch - a duty-free spirit
      Some tasty Welsh rabbits
      A bee with a lisp

And devils…
…oh yes, the devils.

A simple night’s sleep. Just the usual movements and sounds outside. The sleeper dreams… The extract on the iDream… pages will take you through one-third of the night.

There are two versions:

The first, iDream… text with audio has an optional ‘read it to me’ audio accompaniment.

The second, iDream… interactive poem with text is more interactive, with links which expand and develop the characters and plot. (Also, text in dark red indicates a link to explanatory notes.)

For information on how to buy the complete “iDream  Ice-Cream  iScream”, please scroll on down.

The complete book, “iDream Ice-Cream iScream - Edward Lear meets The Usual Suspects”, is available for sampling and for sale: via Amazon (paperback and Kindle versions), or via Smashwords (for the Nook, Sony and virtually any other ebook reader, including pdf format for your PC).

book jacket

The following links take you straight to the book’s page on Amazon and at Smashwords Books:

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the book onto your computer or other device (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, etc.,) via a free Kindle app, available from Amazon UK Kindle apps or Amazon.com Kindle apps.

Similarly, a free Nook app can be downloaded from Barnes & Noble.

(By the way, I am looking for an illustrator to work with, as I am planning an illustrated version of “iDream”.)

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