Alex Russell, poetry and prose writer - who he?

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Hello. I seem to have spent my life passing from one room to another, closing the door behind me.

Alex Russell schoolboy

I was born and brought up in a council-house in the
south-west of England.

Alex Russell student

I worked hard to get a scholarship and then go on to university.

Alex Russell revolutionary

After I graduated (in Sociology and Politics) I spent a memorable period in Franco’s Spain.

Alex Russell archeologist

Following which I worked as an archeologist.

Alex Russell derrickman

After that, drilling rigs. Then taught woodwork in a centre for deaf-blind people.

Alex Russell teacher & lecturer

Did another degree (in design technology) and taught in schools and colleges.

Alex Russell designer & cabinet maker

Became a designer and maker of furniture.

Alex Russell with partner Alex Russell's oriental cats

Then moved, in 2005, with my partner Jane and our two oriental cats, to central France - but that, as they say, is another story…

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