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The links below will take you straight to the poems which are otherwise accessed by links from the main poem. (The main poem, on the iDream… page, is an extract from the epic-length “iDream   Ice Cream   iScream : Edward Lear meets The Usual Suspects”, now published as an e-book.)

"Ear to Ear - From ’Ere to Eternity"

"Sharing Shellfish"

"Who’s Sean?"

"Moby Dick"

"The Outcast"

"Ready Salted"

"Ciao ‘Wop’ Ciao ‘Pow’"

"Cyclops, Third Mate"

"Care Free"

"Eddie C Eagle"


"Firing Line"


"The Colossus of Roads"

"Marsha Kate"


"Black Sheep"



"Weeny Todd"

Site Contents

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